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One of the latest video of Chan Yin Lam, the 15-year-old girl before she was found dead naked in the sea. Please share this video as per her request. by Little_Lightbulb in HongKong

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So I'm American. I would say the MIC and bankers could be deemed that insofar as they seem hell bent on imperialist conquest, that's marketed better. We as Americans don't want it. Most Americans seem distracted with just trying to survive, and if they are interested they regurgitate divisive nonsense.

220+ military bases in 80+ countries. 12 active war fronts, but no one knows any of that. We're too busy hating a collection of labels. We import authoritarian policy tested in various regions we partner with, Australia, UK, etc. These psychopaths running countries aren't pro their country. They're cashing in fucking all of us. We all are Hong Kong. We should all unite against our tyranny like the Nuremberg Trials dictated is our responsibility. Free and open communications and trade to maintain peace. We should protest the aggressors and instigators. Stop funding them. Take away their power.

It'll be a long time before that happens. But as that graffiti said, if don't stand with Hong Kong we are the next Hong Kong.

Too many believe state power is the better choice. China and the US, UK, Aus, Equador, and so many more are aligning against their own people.

We are humans, not the labels cast on us. We are not a collection of labels divided by non-pariety. You can't kill an idea, that's what Pooh and the CCP worry about. It's what the bankers were worried about during OWS.

Once we can see past the bullshit, they will no longer have power over us. It's a driving force behind dividing the internet. We need unregulated communications.

Sending peace and love to Hong Kong. It will get darker before the dawn of freedom. You have my support.

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One of the latest video of Chan Yin Lam, the 15-year-old girl before she was found dead naked in the sea. Please share this video as per her request. by Little_Lightbulb in HongKong

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Why would the CCP target a 15 year old girl and out of all the way they could make her disappear they chose to murder her and throw her into the sea? That’s just fucking dumb.

I feel terrible for this girl, only god to knows the truth but I hope it’s not a psychopath taking advantage of the chaos in HK to get away with shit like this.

Things will only get worse, the police have barely any authority left with given reputation, the citizens are preoccupied being anti-China. It would not surprise me if more crimes like this start to happen, and all of it will be blamed under the CCP... nothing will be done to find the true justice for people like this girl.

Truth is HK is going to be ruined, US won’t interfere, hell China won’t even interfere. Anyone who is in HK that oppose the mob are doxxed, chased after and threatened. Civilians are being beaten, some to their death. Yet Reddit is still full on this anti-China propaganda day after after, circle jerking each other for karma, while the real HK deteriorates. Protests in Iraq has thousands injured, hundred killed, and government shutting down the whole country’s internet. Do we see any coverage? No. But we see every arrest a HK police makes and masturbate on the one live shot the police fired toward a protester.

Call me a Chinese Shill or whatever you want. You people are disgusting.

Meanwhile in Hong Kong. Protesters raising American flags to urge US Congress passing the Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act. by designatedbigwaster in HongKong

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A group of students at my (US) university and I are working on organizing demonstrations and spreading awareness about the situation in Hong Kong. This is especially important at my school (a large research university) because more than 20% of our student population is international, with more than half of those being from mainland China. We expect resistance from them but it's important for them to understand why Hong Kong is protesting when these Chinese students are farther away from the CCP's strongest grasp.

I strongly doubt our school's administration will condone the demonstrations (due to their ties to rich Chinese students/families and probably Chinese businesses) but we'll make the demonstrations happen anyway. This is too important to cower in fear of the university's response.