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I am the guy with two penises. AMA. by DoubleDickDude in IAmA

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Can you write your first and last name in the snow simultaneously?

I am a former CIA operative turned Detective John Kimble. Ask me anything. Again. by AgencyAgent in IAmA

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No, he's not taken seriously. In fact, I would wager that less than 5% of the Agency even know his name or about Blink182 for that matter.

Some may wish to say here, "That's because what he does is so super top secret, Doug!" But no, actually, it's not...annnnd for what it's worth, and I know this will probably piss a lot of people off, but if you see someone on JRE talking about the Agency or their connections to top secret information (Alex Jones, Tom DeLonge, Bob Lazar) they are one of two things: 1) Liars or 2) Gullible idiots who have been lied to

Proof: If you actually knew what was going on at Area 51, Groom Lake, S-4 and you revealed it, you would not be on Joe Rogan. You would be in prison. I refer you to the following: https://theintercept.com/2018/01/19/jeffrey-sterling-cia-leaking-prison/

I am a former CIA operative turned Detective John Kimble. Ask me anything. Again. by AgencyAgent in IAmA

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A question for you, how do I pin your question to the top for being most important?

  1. He's perfect.
  2. I have heard, and I'm not drumming up conspiracy shit here, but I have heard that a major announcement is coming at the top of 2020. And no, I don't know what it is but I have heard that the USG plans to publicly address all of the UFO allegations. Honestly, I think the "Storm A51" shit got their attention and now they want to address it.

I am a former CIA operative turned Detective John Kimble. Ask me anything. Again. by AgencyAgent in IAmA

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  1. How is your cat doing?

  2. What do you make of the Lonnie Zamora incident? On the same note, what about that more recent case of the seemingly unexplainable acceleration in the USS Nimitz incident?

IamAn international volunteer in Rojava (North-East Syria) currently resisting the invasion by Turkey, AMA by dcel in IAmA

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  1. Absolutely the most important: Spread the message. I don't just mean retweeting or liking facebook posts. I mean actually speaking in person to you friends, your parents, co-workers, everyone about what is going on. People should be fucking livid even if they have no personal connection to the cause: A NATO state of 100 million people is literally using an army of former ISIS and Al-Qaeda militants to commit ethnic cleansing on the very people who defeated ISIS militarily. This isn't propaganda: Turkey's use of jihadist forces and gross human rights abuses are well documented and have been going on for years now with zero condemnation from the intl community.

  2. Fight the social media fight. Look at any post on twitter, reddit or facebook about this war and you will see an army of Turkish nerds and their bots commenting, downvoting and generally stirring shit. We have an amazing campaign running called #RiseUp4Rojava as well as #WomenDefendRojava but we need all the help we can get. Sharing our content is great, but even better is contributing: if you get photos from demos or actions send them to us, if you know how to edit videos, offer your services, if you can translate, let us add you to our list of translators.

  3. Organise. If you are not a member of a local solidarity group, join now. Having said that, while these groups are present in most cities in the EU, not many cities in the US have large Kurdish populations but other leftist groups are likely to be making solidarity actions.

  4. Act! Whenever you can, go to a demo. Whenever there is a meeting and you can go, go. Generally these are being organised under the umbrella of #RiseUp4Rojava but there will be others too.

  5. Even better is direct action, but to save myself another line on my arrest warrant when I get back I won't make any suggestions exactly what.

  6. Contact your state and federal representatives, celebrities, your trade union. Ask them to use their platform to support this cause. Explain to them passionately the the international catastrophe that is happening here and how we can stop it.

  7. Prepare to come to Rojava. Seriously. If you were in YPG/YPJ/IFB before, if you're a doctor, nurse or EMT, or someone with skills useful in these times (engineers, technicians, linguists, whatever), get ready. At some point there will be open call by the movement for people to flood the region like there was in the time of Kobanê. They will be preparing the legal and logistical framework to get large numbers of volunteers across from Başur (Iraqi Kurdistan) now and will make the call in the near future. [please don't contact me about this as I am not involved at all and can't help, and obviously check the laws in your state or country about this before getting me in loads of trouble...]

I am Jason Steele, creator of Charlie the Unicorn, Llamas with Hats, and other internet videos. Ask me anything! by Fathomas in IAmA

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dealwithit.pizza, thebananapeople.com, saucepockets.com, ilovemeow.com, lucatime.com.

Today is World Mental Health Day. Help us raise awareness. We are 5 experts on mental health here to answer your questions - Ask Us Anything. by webmd in IAmA

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I just want to say that this isn't just an American thing.

I'm in Ontario, Canada, and it's a nightmare trying to access any mental health services.

You have two options:

  • If it is an absolute emergency where you are going to harm yourself, you can go to the emergency room and wait for several hours to be seen.

  • If it's anything else, you need to first sign up for a family doctor. Signing up for a family doctor in Toronto is very hard, because there aren't enough of them. You're looking at 4 months to have a meeting with a family doctor, and then they get to decide if they want you to join their practice as a patient. After that, you need a referral to a psychiatrist, and it takes another 4-6 months to get a meeting with them.

One psychiatrist assured me that the 6 months waiting time will probably only be 5 months, because many people on the waitlist just give up altogether, sometimes just on seeking treatment, other times give up on themselves.

This isn't just a US issue. Yes, money is not an issue here. But good luck ever seeing anyone.

Mental health services in Ontario (where 35-40% of all Canadians live) is a complete joke and disaster.

I brought a support clown to my redundancy meeting, ask me anything by joshs_world_tour in IAmA

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He got the experience of watching a $200/hour clown make balloon animals and he didn't have to pay a thing. You know what they say "If that doesn't put a smile on your dial, then pile trial mile aisle."

I brought a support clown to my redundancy meeting, ask me anything by joshs_world_tour in IAmA

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With quality workmanship like this answer I'm befuddled by the news of your firing.