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Guy scares off old woman because he wants to sit. by AristonD in PublicFreakout

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He thinks he is a don. Ngl if I saw somebody acting that outrageous towards an older lady if it was unprompted then I would probably sock him in his jaw... I may get beat up... But he's gonna know he got hit. who am I kidding im a pussy

Idiot to the rescue by dankph in PublicFreakout

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Going to need some more info on this. I didn't think they had cameras 2000 years ago

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Alcohol Speed!!! by AristonD in PublicFreakout

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Car worth more than my salary

Yeah I'm giving mad space to that fully loaded Camry.

Pastor throws out guy asking for prayer in the middle of a sermon by BabylonianSorcerer in PublicFreakout

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In a strip mall. Righteous Gemstones, anyone?

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The scenes today at Barcelona's airport after the sentencing of Independence leaders from Catalonia by Megamugpug in PublicFreakout

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There is a province in Spain called Catalunya who want independence from Spain. They have had many protests and referendums which were led by political leaders who were then arrested or exiled two years ago. For those two years they were being held awaiting trial and the trial finally happened. They were sentenced 10 ish years in jail each. The Catalan people are very upset because the political leaders really didn't do much wrong, definitely not enough to deserve 10 years in jail.

Woman requests ids and calls 911 on two people trying to move into their new apartment. by akarim5847 in PublicFreakout

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Ah yes, the good ol' long con. The one where you move in and pay rent on time for one full year per the lease and then when they least expect it you take 'em for all they got.

Protestors in Hong Kong are cutting down facial recognition towers by Herr_Gamer in PublicFreakout

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Well, on one hand...serial killers won't be a thing. On the other, neither will political dissent.

The promise of the first is what enables the second. That's the traditional way in which personal liberty is destroyed. Our founding fathers warned us about this. The HKers understand this explicitly, while we've been lulled into complacency. I forget the exact quote but to paraphrase, "Those who give up liberty for security deserve neither."

The bitch about this is that just about everything corporations and their mouthpiece politicians have told us is a lie. If people looked at our corporate elite the way Hong Kong looks at the Chinese government, they'd realize two things: First, that we're fighting for the exact same things, against the exact same kinds of people, for the exact same reasons. People have been bullshitted into believing that it's about capitalism or socialism, or about left versus right, rich versus poor, legal versus illegal -- all of that is a lie. All of it. It's a completely meaningless, academic debate.

We're a democracy ('republic' for the pedants) on paper only. Same thing they were promised. We call them China, but how about we call them by their proper name: "The People's Republic... of China." How about North Korea? Democratic People's Republic of Korea. Russia? Russian Federation -- but it used to be called the USSR until the end of the last century, aka "Union of Soviet Socialist Republics". Are you seeing a pattern here? Every country says the people have a voice. Not nearly as many -- actually do.

The reason they chant "America!" though isn't because we have "freedom". Most of the countries of the world have "freedom". And don't try and say we were the first either -- bitch, please. It's because America was the first to do something very different from any other country before it: We created negative rights. We enshrined, as an organizing principle of our country, the idea that the government doesn't grant rights. We already have them. Our rights are universal. You're born with them. They're as intrinsic as your DNA. And these rights don't tell you what you can or cannot do -- but what the government can or cannot do.

And guess what? To this day, legally-speaking, almost every other country still grants human rights. They "reserve the right" to revoke them; And if the government ceases to exist, so do those rights. That's what made us special. And that's why we're supposed to be standing with them right now.

Because everyone, everywhere, ever -- only has the rights, these "negative" rights, human rights, such as we created... if we fight for them. And we're supposed to. We were told to centuries ago by the people that first wrote them down. It's a fundamentally different way of looking at the world -- the division between people who have rights against government, and those who derive them from government. We are the former. China is the ladder. Hong Kong wants to join our side -- which makes them our copatriots. We fought for freedom before, as copatriots -- as individual states that believed in these ideas. We created the United States to better protect those ideas, and those who believed in them, after the war.

But that was over 200 years ago now, I guess. And we've forgotten our values.

Throwing over 20 Molotov cocktail attacking police station! HK by Satyampanchal in PublicFreakout

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Yea I feel like this kind of hits the point.

Even in university back in the 2000's my HK friends would never associate or even talk to mainlanders. They looked down on them every chance they got. They hate everything China with a passion, right down to the people.

That superiority complex in the people of HK runs really damn high.

Throwing over 20 Molotov cocktail attacking police station! HK by Satyampanchal in PublicFreakout

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Thanks for questioning your echo chamber that is Reddit. You are right to be confused. I'll be called a Communist lapdog for saying this, but you can try Quora for further reading.

Here's an opinion from a Hongkonger: we took to the streets to oppose an extradition bill to China (one already exists from China to HK) which was drafted when a murderer was hiding at large in HK, unable to be extradited to China.

A million came out to protest. After some peaceful protesting and a little bit of violence, the government withdrew the bill.

Many of the peaceful protesters went home. The violent protesters remain and came up with other excuses to keep breaking shit.

Their reasons include police brutality, the CCP's abuse of human rights, and the government's incompetence. They're not wrong, but to bully and beat up mainlanders and children of cops, destroy traffic lights, set fire to shops with China written on it, or any businesses with any Chinese ties (everything had Chinese ties) is not really the right way to do it.

Some kids just want to feel good about fighting an imaginary enemy. Truth is, they're just racist kids with a superiority complex ruining the city for the adults and children.

police gets mid air flying kick to the head in Hong Kong by halfblood171prince in PublicFreakout

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The starting police salary in Hong Kong is almost twice the median salary for the city as a whole. Riot police are paid even more, as they're more senior and have undergone specialty training. On top of that, because of all the recent unrest, they have been receiving quite a deal of overtime pay. There have been reports of police officers "thanking" protestors on social media in the captions of photos they post of their new Apple Watch or iPhones they're buying with their extra income.

Furthermore, the fact that the situation has ground on for so long has begun to build a tribal mindset in both sides. When in the beginning there may have been conflicted police officers and protestors that saw the police as potential comrades, the events of the past few months have caused the police to harden their mindset in order to rationalize their orders and instincts, as well as caused the protestors to dehumanize the police and lump them all into a pro-Beijing, pro-establishment mass because otherwise their fellow Hong Kongers have taken a rational decision to mete out such gratuitous violence against them, which is unthinkable.

There are a bunch of other factors and circumstances involved currently, but these are the most relevant.


Adding some more info because of the nice engagement I got. Also, thank you for the undeserved fake internet money.

I am 99-100% on the side of the protestors, so please don't think of me as a centrist of any sort. The police are utterly in the wrong on the majority of their interactions with the public. My concern with the protestors is that there are a lot of conspiracy theories swirling around (systemic raping and murdering of arrested protestors, ringer cops being trucked in from the mainland, etc.). While there is some evidence for some sexual abuse, and fishy things are happening on the PLA bases, these conspiracies are totally unnecessary. The documented instances of abuse the police commit in public are enough to support the protests, without dipping into stories that could be proven wrong later and poison opinions of the movement as a whole.

However, the genesis of these conspiracies is the utter lack of transparency the police and government are operating in. Constant verifiable lies and half-truths are spouted by the authorities and it's easy to understand conspiratorial thinking building in the minds of the protestors.

Also, I was wrong about the police salaries. Starting police salary is about 22k HKD a month, and median salary is about 16k HKD a month. I misremembered the salary as 32k, which is where I got the "double" figure from. It's still much higher, especially because you don't really require much of an education to join the police force.