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LeBron James blasted on Twitter for comments about China by Al-Andalusia in news

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He should get a spine and a new heart since he doesn't have either.

LeBron James blasted on Twitter for comments about China by Al-Andalusia in news

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I mean the guy said he didn’t wanna get into a “word or sentence feud” that alone should be enough to not take what he says seriously. What a clown.

Fort Worth Officer Charged With Murder After Shooting That Killed Atatiana Jefferson by UniversalPolymath in news

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As your representative I will relentlessly campaign for zero tolerance bodycam laws, as well as zero tolerance chain of custody on documents and archives of information.

If police or state or city footage of an event that is crucial to the evidence in a trial goes missing or is corrupted or in any way becomes unusable, the department in charge of the records will be extremely heavily fined as well as all those in the chain of custody will face criminal charges for negligent destruction of evidence. Anything less is totally unacceptable and should be met with open disdain and hostility.

Government departments need to be held to a way higher standard, not the same and definitely not less.

President Xi Jinping vows Chinese separatists will be ‘smashed to pieces’ as US-themed protests begin in Hong Kong by joesoldlegs in news

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It's happening.

I've been shouting from the rooftops for years that China was only pretending to be chill and cooperative, and that they were just biding their time. The time is now. First, Xi Jinping removes his own term limits. Then, he cracks down on Hong Kong. Now, he is releasing official statements of "smashing bodies and grinding bones." Next, Taiwan. After that? Most of Asia, really, as they claim that most of it belongs to China based on historical ownership.

For those unfamiliar, it all goes back to this concept that pervades modern Chinese society: it roughly translates to "100 years of suffering" or "a century of humiliation."


The idea is that the world has been shitting on China for a long time, which objectively, is kinda true.

Britain fucked China with the opium wars, then they get fucked in WW2 by Japan and actually played and important role on the ally side, but were basically blocked from all the post-war discussions. A lot of westerners don't even realize that China was a strong ally in WW2. I could go on, but you get the idea.

It is objectively true that there has been a global bias towards China for a long time.

It made Chinese people really bitter, so there is a mentality of "oh now we're a superpower, fuck all ya'll." They don't just want to be successful, they want to stick it to everyone they feel wronged them over the past 100 years. And it seems they're finally making their move.

And we helped get them to a place where they can do it, by moving all of our manufacturing there, signing on to uneven trade and policy agreements, and turning a blind eye to their creeping totalitarianism for the past 50 years.

It's gonna be an interesting few decades. Hold on tight, boys.

President Xi Jinping vows Chinese separatists will be ‘smashed to pieces’ as US-themed protests begin in Hong Kong by joesoldlegs in news

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Since enough people aren’t getting the UNs job let me make it clear

When it comes to diplomatic issues, the UN is not an Enforcer but instead (and I can’t stress this enough) an ADVISOR to the countries of the world

This isn’t my comment but I’ll copy paste this. It’ll educate you on what the UN actually does

• ⁠Seriously, for all the edgelords in this thread crowing about how ineffective the UN is, do you guys have the slightest clue of what you're talking about? No one is denying that the UN has issues but none of you realize the enormous work that UN and its agencies do every single year to save millions of lives around the world.

  1. ⁠It has run almost 80 peacekeeping operations in the last 30 years, including 16 current ones. These aren't perfect, but short of a standing army, the UN peacekeeping troops are often the only reason there aren't a couple more widespread wars going on in Central and Western Africa right now. Except for the US, not a SINGLE other country in the world deploys more military personnel abroad. Source
  2. ⁠The UN provides food to 80 million people in 80 countries. Source
  3. ⁠For all you vaccine supporters out there, the UN vaccinates 55% of all children who vaccinated. in the entire fucking planet. Source
  4. ⁠The UN directly helped over 30 million refugees worldwide, including setting up refugee camps in some of the worst conflict zones in the world. Source
  5. ⁠The United Nations Food Program provides more than 12 fucking billion meals each year to people starving around the world. This includes providing school meals to 20-25 million children through school meals. When's the last time any of you provided a meal to anyone other than yourself? Source
  6. ⁠The UN Development program works in nearly every country in the world on economic development, including grassroots development. The World Health Organization is the largest health organization anywhere in the world, was largely responsible for the eradication of polio. WHO works in countries across the world, preventing millions of deaths through its work in communicable diseases.
  7. ⁠UN-brokered treaties have led to widespread disarmament of nuclear weapons, including a massive reduction in the nuclear arsenals of the US and Russia. Treaties brokered under the auspices of the UN resulted in the chemical weapons ban. In the nuclear test ban.

Seriously, try and educate yourself before you spout hot takes on the Internet. You come across as ignorant as the anti-vaxxers. The UN has a lot of issues, mostly because it deals with some of the most complex issues on the planet within a sphere where powerful countries seek to maximize their personal benefit. But to try and pretend as if the UN isn't one of the most powerful forces in the world trying to help people and better their lives is ridiculous.

Edit: Now this is me and not the comment I copied and pasted. For all of you saying the UN is useless diplomatically I’d like to quote a reply I just read

“Literally yesterday they helped mediate a conflict in my country (Ecuador) that made protesters closed roads all across the country. The past two weeks were chaos and when the government and the protesters reached an agreement through by a UN representative it was the first time I’ve ever heard of them solving any issue.”

The UN is useful to quell problems.

Understand that its not an Enforcer but instead (and I can’t stress this enough) an ADVISOR

Columbus Day no more: Reno to celebrate Indigenous Peoples Day on Monday by Bbobsully94 in news

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It's unfortunate to see that the anti-Spanish Black Legend party line persists in America. The attacks on Columbus are tied to the anti-Spanish sentiment of 16th-century English and Dutch propaganda, which has since been debunked as historically inaccurate, as well as being exposed as biased against Spain and Spanish people.

I personally believe that Indian culture should be celebrated and Indian History Month which is in November as well as Native American Heritage Day on the day after Thanksgiving are sufficient for that. But placing Indigenous People's Day on the exact same day as Columbus Day comes across as anti-Columbus Day and incites ethnic strife in our country.

There's strong evidence that Columbus' discoveries brought progress to the Americas. There was no written history in North America prior to his voyages. Columbus linked entire continents and cultures together, which is something to celebrate. Indians themselves were isolated from one another prior to Columbus' discoveries, as the Aztecs and Incans had no interaction with each other, while Spain and Greece were part of the same country during Julius Caesar. The first university in the Americas was built not by the Incans but by the Spanish in Peru in 1551, known as the National University of San Marcos. Columbus' discoveries also laid the foundation for the ruin of Europe's old aristocracy, the development of democracy, and the liberation of nations.

Spain's magnificent El Escorial was built in 1584 and is a world heritage site, and the only heritage sites in the Caribbean are tied to Spanish or European presence, so it can be safely concluded that the level of Spanish culture during Columbus surpassed that of the tribes encountered by Columbus. Spain is a great country with a fantastic history and brought considerable progress to Hispanic America.

Columbus has been accused of all kinds of bad deeds. But he himself was not in Hispaniola for very long while exercising authority. Columbus was dismissed as governor of the Indies in May 1499 and his influence sharply declined after that. Columbus was either at sea or in Europe during these periods: August 1492 to December 1492; March 1493 to November 1493; March 1496 to July 1498. He had authority while present in Hispaniola only during November 1493 to March 1496 and July 1498 to May 1499 - a total of a little more than 3 years.

A smallpox epidemic occurred in Hispaniola in 1518-19, although Columbus by this time had been dead for 13 years. The Black Death killed half of Europe's population in the 14th century and it started when Mongols in Crimea gave the disease to Genoan traders that took the plague back with them in Europe through the Black Sea and Mediterranean. But revisionist historians alleging that Columbus destroyed Indians don't accuse Mongols of genocide against Europeans.

The history behind "Indigenous People's Day" is revisionist and overlooks the warlike, brutal aspects of the Indians' way of life. It's proven that many Indians ruthlessly tortured war prisoners and practiced cannibalism. The word Mohawk is derived from the Algonquin word for "cannibal". There's ample evidence that most Indians of northeastern America engaged in cannibalism and torture - there's evidence of the Huron, Neutral, and Algonquin tribes showing the same behavior. Columbus encountered Indians known as Arawaks and Caribs when he arrived in Hispaniola, and their way of life was brutal, warlike, cruel. The Caribs were reported to have eaten the bodies of people they vanquished. Those killed in war were eaten immediately after victory was established. Female prisoners were kept alive and treated as slaves, but male prisoners were tortured and killed. The Caribs themselves migrated to the Caribbean from South America during the 13th century, and they were no more indigenous to the Caribbean than the Spanish.

Indian societies were not as advanced as Spanish society. To put it in perspective, Bronze Age societies flourished in Babylon more than 6000 years ago. But 500 years ago, the Incas and Aztecs were still in the Stone Age, using flint arrowheads and tipping their wooden clubs with rocks. The Aztecs and Incas used humans as beasts of burden and didn't use the wheel. The Incan communication system was so primitive that even though Pizarro had been established in Panama for 20 years ago before he marched against the Incas and had made two previous incursions against Incan territory, the Incan leaders were still ignorant about the existence of the Spanish until Pizarro marched inland in 1532. This is because the Incan communication system amounted to human messengers delivering messages orally on foot. The Americas were abundant in iron ore, copper and tin, but when the Spanish arrived, it was wooden clubs against steel cutlasses.

The history of Hispaniola during Columbus' presence is much more complicated than "Evil Europeans kill innocent Indians." Lumping in Indians together as though they are a single cohesive identity is unscientific and is akin to lumping together Greeks and Estonians under a single identity. Hispaniola itself was divided between rival tribes that were constantly in conflict with one another. There were tribes in Hispaniola that welcomed and considered alliance with the Spanish. Most famous was Guacanagari's tribe, who formed an alliance with Columbus during his 1st voyage and never stopped trying to get the Spanish to attack his enemy tribes like Caonabo and Behechio. Many tribes saw the arrival of the Spanish as an opportunity to defend themselves against other, more threatening tribes. Three thousand Indians backed Bartolome Colombus against the Ciguayos and Guarionex.

Columbus initially had good relations with the tribes he encountered. And he remained good friends with one of the tribes led by Chief Guacanagari, who helped Columbus build Fort Navidad and fought alongside Columbus against enemy tribes that wanted to destroy the Spanish. While Columbus was away at sea or in Europe in 1493, Fort Navidad was attacked by the chieftain Caonabo, and 39 Spanish were slaughtered, and this was the primary reason why relations between Columbus and some of the tribes broke down. Columbus and his men exercised self-defense while fighting armed combatants, and ended up defeating the enemy tribes. Columbus captured prisoners of war, and sent some of these prisoners to Spain to be sold as slaves, which was in accordance with 15th-century customs and regulations. The Spanish monarchs subsequently ordered Columbus to stop the practice, and Columbus complied.

Spanish laws in the 16th century were remarkably humane and compassionate towards Indians. Governor Ovando arrived in Santo Domingo in 1502 with instructions from the monarchs to treat the Indians well, respect their lands, and treat them to fair conditions with paid salaries. The Burgos Laws of 1512 regulated the personal and working conditions of Indians, their rights and their recognition as men with basic rights such as freedom and property. The Council of the Indies in 1526 adopted provisions detailing the punishment of abuses towards Indians, the immediate liberation of unjustly enslaved Indians, the prohibiton of Indian slavery, and prohibition of Indian labor in mines, farms, and fisheries. This legislation as an amazing breakthrough in the 16th century and can be considered as a predecessor of modern ideas about human rights. Never had a conquering kingdom legislated in favor of conquered peoples.

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters plead for U.S. help by PM_ME_YOUR_TREASON in news

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Sure feels that way, and if you are informed you know of the link between the shit happening in the UK and the shit happening in the US... they are not unrelated. This is planned.

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters plead for U.S. help by PM_ME_YOUR_TREASON in news

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China has a much more elevated position in the world than it deserves, and more than what is good for the free world.

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters plead for U.S. help by PM_ME_YOUR_TREASON in news

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There is a new-ish documentary on Netflix, I think it's just called "Factory", where a Chinese firm buys a failing US factory and tries to make it operate like they would in China... everyone should watch it, it's terrifying. The Chinese employees they ship over here to "re-train" the American workers have virtually no respect for any of us, and from their point of view I understand why. They say things like "I cannot work with these Americans, they are slow lazy and stupid, they make constant mistakes and are unwilling to work"... by which of course he means unwilling to literally sleep on the factory floor instead of going home so that they can work 80+ hours a week like the Chinese do. They are used to only seeing their families one or two days a week and working literally the entire rest of the time they are awake.

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters plead for U.S. help by PM_ME_YOUR_TREASON in news

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Everyone hates US until they need help...
Go ahead and downvote, but you know it's true.

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong protesters plead for U.S. help by PM_ME_YOUR_TREASON in news

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credit to u/Gusearth for this

How the US can help

There are various ways we can help Hong Kong from abroad:

  • ⁠[US] A few options here:

Paedophile who abused up to 200 children stabbed to death. by lifeandtimes89 in news

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Anyone can lend a helping hand to agencies trying to identify objects and places in child abuse images, not just law enforcement. Just give this site a quick once over once a month or so and see if you recognise anything. Anything disturbing is cut out of the images leaving just the object or the place and could be crucial in helping identify children being abused.

Paedophile who abused up to 200 children stabbed to death. by lifeandtimes89 in news

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A lot of people claim to be in favor of a progressive justice system right up until they encounter a crime/criminal they consider genuinely bad.

When they say the criminal justice system shouldn't be cruel for the sake of cruelty they're mostly thinking of people guilty of things they don't personally care about or things they don't really consider real crimes.

In reality most people are pretty in favor of extreme brutality: of execution, torture and rape as punishment as long as it's people they consider genuinely bad getting the punishment.

Christopher Columbus statues vandalized in California and Rhode Island by joesoldlegs in news

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I'd say being directly responsible for the decline of the population of the Hispaniola natives should be considered genocide. They declined from about 300k to about 500. 100k of those were within 5 years of his arrival. He and his crew were monsters. They tortured, raped, and enslaved the natives for gold. Columbus was a horrible person who doesn't deserve a holiday.

Christopher Columbus statues vandalized in California and Rhode Island by joesoldlegs in news

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I'm guessing you didn't have an appropriate education then because he and his crew raped, murdered, and pillaged everywhere they went.