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America should forget their tipping culture and just set a minimum wage for servers. by darkdebonair in unpopularopinion

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Most would. That's why most servers can get fucked for being scumbags. They cry that they don't make minimum wage (which is illegal), but they'll never actually do anything about it because they make way more with tips. So they just shame and call people out for not tipping and say if you don't tip, you're the scumbag, as if you're the one responsible for paying their salary.

The term ‘cisgender’ is completely unnecessary in most non-academic settings. by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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I refuse to use it. Simples. Choice and all.

2 Genders, Male and Female. Come at me.

I also don't recognise trans people as being anything more than people with severe mental health issues.

Letting your dog lick your face, and especially your mouth, is beyond disgusting. by ak22801 in unpopularopinion

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Your dog won’t have to lick it’s own butthole if you do it for them. Just sayin’...

EMT’s should be allowed to dress more for comfort than professionalism by beatsbybea in unpopularopinion

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I'm an EMT and I have a different opinion. I hate how sloppy we look now. Almost everyone is wearing polo shirts and in some cases actual t-shirts. It looks unprofessional, poorly constructed, and gives the public a poor opinion of EMS; a service it already forgets about until we are needed. I would be more comfortable in a proper professional uniform.

The many genders people think up aren’t genders, but rather just someone’s personality. by spooxyPumpkin in unpopularopinion

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People seem to be really confused about gender these days; with new definitions of gender being made up every day, gender being declared completely meaningless every Tuesday, people confusing their personality with their gender, and people thinking gender norms are the same thing as actual gender. . . so here's what I think:

Scientifically speaking, just as sex is the physical characteristics of a male or a female, gender is the behavioural-based characteristics of a male or female.

When we talk about gender norms like "girls like pink and boys like blue" and "girls wear dressers and boys wear pants", those are based completely on social constructs. This is not gender. There is nothing in our biology that says that girls have to like pink or want to wear dresses.

But what our biology does say is this: Regardless of the societies men and women come from, there are ways in which we behave differently by virtue of being a man or a woman.

Gender differences that span different time periods and places include things like women being more nurturing, men being more aggressive, women being more sensitive, men being more dominant. . . etc. These gender differences result from biology, not society. They are due to the fact that men and women have different hormones and different brain chemistries. Men and women don't act the same because they're not built the same.

Now, that's not to say that a woman who isn't as nurturing doesn't count as a woman, or that a man who isn't as aggressive isn't a man, but overall, when we're generalizing, people of the same sex tend to behave more similarly to each other than people of the opposite sex.

A woman can want to wear pants and cut her hair short and never wear makeup, but that doesn't mean she's some new, strange gender. A man can want to wear dresses and have long hair and put on makeup, but that doesn't mean he's some new, strange gender.

What gender is not: Societal constructs, gender norms, personalities, and/or expectations placed upon each sex.

What gender is: the behavioural-based characteristics of a male or female.

People with terrible genetic disorders shouldn’t have their own children by [deleted] in unpopularopinion

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Valid question. The key to your question is actually in your sub post: "I don't mean smaller stuff".

It is all about the definition of "terrible" and the slippery slope it creates:

People with Downs Syndrome who procreate will almost certainly pass on Downs. It is not fatal. Should they be prevented from procreating?

How about a genetic disease that causes blindness? It is seriously inconvenient, but also not fatal.

Or diabetes? Serious life long complications, a lifetime of needles, use of medicines, huge cost to the medical system.

Or what if you possessed a gene that passes on a heart murmur?

Or a predisposition to cancer?

Or a predisposition to a criminal lifestyle?

There is an argument that has been made that society would be a much better place if 2 parent families were the norm, if there was no divorce and no marital infidelity. "People with a genetic variation of DRD4 called 7R+ were more likely to commit infidelity or be promiscuous; 50% of people with 7R+ reported being unfaithful, compared with 22% of people who did not have this genetic variation".

Would you prevent those with the cheating gene from procreating?

Where would you draw the line?

More importantly, where would you like someone else to draw a line that directly affects you?

As an FYI, forced sterilization of "the mentally incompetent" and of marginalized groups (aboriginals, the inuit) did take place in Canada, as recently as the mid 1980s.

But like I said in the beginning: Valid question!

Fire fighters are bigger heroes than American soldiers. by The_toast_of_Reddit in unpopularopinion

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Sorry but most combat MOS dont join for the cause. They're fucking poor and have no other options in life. Just because your dad or something was a firefighter doesnt make them all better. I've never met a firefighter that had to run towards bullets. How bout instead of blaming the soldiers you blame the government that started the war. The point is, when they're over in Afghanistan (yeah, Iraq is over buddy) they arent giving a shit about American freedom. They're just trying to make sure they and the man next to them stay alive so they can have some hope of a decent future.

Second homes should be subject to additional taxation by 2martin4u in unpopularopinion

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Why should I rent it out?

You don't have to. However if you choose to have a home in a city that has no ample housing that you don't use, the city is well within it's right to tax you because they still have to house their residents.

You are punishing someone for having more than you, how is that fair?

It's not a punishment. It's a realization that having multiple homes in the most populated cities in the world have costs...often more than what you pay I'm mortgage.

You charging them more isn't going to solve the homeless problem especially since those homeless people already couldn't afford that home.

You should look at what Vancouver did with it's empty home tax. Vancouver has an issue with non residents... particularly foreign Chinese investors buying up entire condo buildings and letting them sit vacant that's 50+ units that have never even been stepped into. Them being taxed encourages them to actually use the space to benefit the community. A city looking out for the actual residents of the city rather than someone who has never even set foot into Canada is precisely why these are useful.

Homosexuality isn’t special/shouldn’t be treated like a personality trait by Gustav1776 in unpopularopinion

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'Homosexuality isn't special'

'You haven't achieved anything'

'It's nothing to be proud of'

'It shouldn't define you'

I'm so goddamn sick of hearing straight people spout these four lines like they're sage, ancient wisdom, and then circle-jerking about how utterly profound it is.

There isn't a single person alive today who is encapsulated by their homosexuality. Sure, there are people for whom it is more prevalent and immediate in their life and dealings but it does not wholly define them. You cannot represent a person accurately as a function of their gayness. No-one who has actually taken the time to interact with someone you could call 'overtly queer' would ever believe that the queer person thinks their sexuality defines them. It's such an insult to look at a very obviously queer person, displaying their sexuality, and think to yourself 'wow, just another air-headed gay who's turned themselves into a monument to their own sexuality'. These people are so much more than that. They're artists, programmers, writers, musicians, singers, cooks, athletes. Fuck you for looking at someone expressing themselves and thinking that they're hollow beneath that.

Stop trying to pretend that the state of being homosexual is innocuous, because it isn't. It offers an acutely different perspective than that of a heterosexual person, just as being black would to a white person. It provides a different experience. It provides, to a degree, a different life structure. The state of being X - whether X is male, female, gay, straight, black, Latino, Asian, disabled, non-disabled - WILL bleed into your personality. It will be an influence. It will make you believe certain things as a result of the X experience. To deny this is incredibly childish.

All groups are special, within reason. There is reason to take pride in being an American. There is reason to take pride in being an Englishman. There is reason to take pride in being black. There is reason to take pride in being white. All subcultures and subgroups of people have long, storied histories - some centuries long - with rich heritage and unique individual culture. There is nothing wrong with taking pride in being a member of a group with such colour. And guess what, dipshit, the exact same applies to being gay. There's nothing wrong with taking pride in the actions and history of a group that you belong to, so long as you're aware that you should not exclusively be proud, and recognise the bad where it exists.

People do not make being homosexual part of their personality. People make being GAY part of their personality, and the two are very different beasts. One is what you want to fuck. One is a rich, diverse culture, with a dense history and heritage. It's a community that is still actively fighting for recognition and freedom from persecution in the vast majority of the modern world's landscape. Why should someone not turn that into a facet of themselves?

What you're saying isn't 'being gay is a not personality trait', what you're saying is 'I don't like really camp effeminate men, for whom being gay is a large component of their lives, because it makes me uncomfortable'.

Tomato is terrible in a burger. by hmitch94 in unpopularopinion

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The problem with tomatoes is that they're generally not good. They're typically out of season and sold by weight, so what you get is a tomato, bred or genetically modified for size and disease/pest resistance, swollen with water to increase weight, picked when unripened and then ripened artificially. The result is watery, bland tomatoes that look pink, have little flesh inside, and have a mealy texture.

There's a reason why tomatoes are popular in home gardens - a tomato bred and grown with "love" (we'll say) is meaty, sweet, and savory - a terrific addition to your burger or a couple slices of thick bacon.

So you're not wrong, it's just an unfortunate outcome of our food production system.

Gender Identity is Just Personality by SolarDingo in unpopularopinion

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Hi. Trans man here. First off, the trans movement has gotten very disorted via a very vocal minority. Eventually that turned into many people conflating gender with gender expression.

Trans people experince something called gender dysphoria, which is a neurological conditon (possibly caused by epigenetics and hormone exposure in utero) that causes your brain to resemble that of the opposite sex. This causes your brain to essentially expect the sex characteristics of the opposite sex, which causes extreme distress.

A lot of trans people are very uncomfortable talking the nitty gritty of their dysphoria, so they use gender roles as shorthand. But, if you don't mind, I'll talk specifics here (if anyone knows how to put a spoiler on reddit lmk).

From the time I was little I hated my lower anatomy. It's always felt like a gaping hole, like something is missing. Sometimes I experince a phantom penis, and if I shut my eyes I can almost feel normal for a minute. My chest is even more painful. Because theres no hiding it. When I was younger I used to wish I'd get breast cancer so they'd cut them off. I've self harmed on them myself, and spent many many hours sobbing over the fact that my body just looks wrong. Theres a lot of things I don't like about how I look, but its focused on sex characteristics. I like my face, and sometimes I even like how I look in clothes. But when I undress it all comes rushing back. It's just all these things that add up to "you'll never be a real boy". But I can't be a girl because that means having to forever live with that pain.

Gender Identity is Just Personality by SolarDingo in unpopularopinion

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I've still never heard a clear example of how someone would actually explain what their gender identity is.

Gender, identity. Do they object to the stereotype personality traits associated with, for this example, being male?

The whole baby boy so blue kids room, toy soldiers, no dresses expectation? Some pro gender identity ze etc person. Please help me truly understand. I promise I'll sincerely put in the effort, if you'll grant me the promise you'll respect my conclussion. Fair discourse. Give me the oppertunity to make my own better informed opinion.

Gender Identity is Just Personality by SolarDingo in unpopularopinion

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I agree with this although it is a controversial opinion. So many people are choosing to call themselves a hard-to-define gender identity just because they feel slightly feminine or masculine. Gender identities in my opinion divide society into little groups and trivializes the very concept of who you are. It's OK, in my opinion to explore gender to a degree. I plan to explore crossdressing one day for example. However, that doesn't mean I'm genderfluid or transgender or non-binary or whatever. I just think the idea of wearing women's clothes on rare occasions sounds fun. I'm still a man underneath. Likewise, if a woman wants to shave her hair and act masculine/tomboyish, I'm all for it. It's cool. But you're still a woman.

On many subs you'll be crucified for saying this but I truly personally believe that there are, and always will be, two genders regardless of what personality you have and/or how you present yourself. You can definitely transition between them and have a sex change but you cannot be in the middle or some strange alternative version of a gender. It doesn't make sense. And you also can't have no gender at all, it's in your head. You're either male, or female, or formerly male, or formerly female. It's not transitioning that I'm against, that's fine. I can understand a male wanting to live life as a female and vice versa. But all these new genders that are just mixtures of male and female traits are just personalities relating to the two genders in some way. It's just so pointless and I don't understand how it's meant to benefit society; instead, to me, it's just too complicated and contrived to take seriously.

Edit: To the gold-giver, thank you! ^_^ Didn't expect that :)

Gender Identity is Just Personality by SolarDingo in unpopularopinion

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The lack of actual problems in life ended up resulting in new ones. Imagine worrying about being able to eat food on a daily basis? Do you think those people have time or want to go against the grain with no evidence and claim that they are in fact a demi-girl?

Edit: I appreciate the platinum (edit 2: and gold!), thank you!

ALL RACES CAN BE RACIST by Why_Did_I_Sign_Up in unpopularopinion

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I'm Hispanic and you'd be surprised at how many other Hispanics and Latinos are extremely openly racist against Black people in Spanish but then turn around crying about how they felt discriminated against by a White person even if it wasn't intentional.

ALL RACES CAN BE RACIST by Why_Did_I_Sign_Up in unpopularopinion

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This isn't an unpopular opinion, it's literally the definition of the word "racist".

Re-defining racism to mean anything besides "viewing one race as superior to another" is propaganda that is attempting to pass off racist policies that favor minorities as equality.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character."

Being forced to stay in a prison-like psychiatric ward is quite possibly the worst thing you could do for someone's mental health by mangoesaresuperior in unpopularopinion

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I was hysterically crying when My parents called the police, when they showed up they told me they were just there to make sure I was OK. I calmly talked to them and explained why I was crying. They proceeded to cuff me and take me with them. They didn’t tell me where I was going. When I got to the hospital the officer told me they were just gonna go through the routine check up with me and then take me home after. So they took my blood pressure and got me in a hospital gown got a wrist band on my wrist and the cops left. They placed me in a windowless room with an old man who was covered in shit and piss. The shared bathroom we had was covered in dried poop and urine. It was everywhere and it smelled awful. At night when we were forced to have lights out and doors shut he’d pase back and forth in the room and look over me occasionally, if I moved or made any noise he would just start screaming at me. I got the impression he wasn’t able to speak. After 4 days of terror laying awake at night wondering if this man was going to kill me. The hospital finally decided to change my rooms, they apologized and told me that no one was ever supposed to share a room with “Fred”. That was over thank goodness but I still had to deal with the soulless emotionless hospital staff. Every single day I would have to talk to a “psychologist”I was told numerous times that I would be in the hospital for the rest of my life If didn’t do as I was told. I literally thought they would never let me leave. They told me that I would have to find strength in God and open up my heart to him or else I wouldn’t be allowed to leave. I had to promise to never speak to any of my friends again. After the first few days I promised I wouldn’t speak to anyone again, but it took me a little longer to pretend I believed in God. Although It was the only way they were ever gonna let me leave. After two weeks my family picked me up as if nothing happened. I felt like an animal being picked up from the vet. I knew I couldn’t talk to them about anything. They’re the ones that put me there. what I learned from the situation is you can’t tell anyone anything, you can’t show emotion, you can’t let yourself feel your most extreme emotions in front of people. People don’t wanna deal with it, people don’t wanna hear it and people certainly don’t care.

Edit: I’m not a violent person I’ve never hurt anyone before and I don’t think my parents had any reason to think they’re in danger. little bit of background, I hung myself a week prior to the situation. My parents found me and stopped it. They decided that I would have to go live with my sister. I was not happy about this because my sister was always extremely mean to me. She used to make me feel so worthless. Although the hospital must’ve worked because things more or less went back to normal with the added benefit of me not being able to talk or look my parents in the eye anymore. It’s been about 10 years since that incident and I still can’t talk to or look at my parents.

Edit2: wow never received a gold before. Or any award on Reddit for that matter. This post hit really close to home and I’m just glad anybody took the time to read this. Edit3: wow platinum too, love you guys and thank you for taking the time to read this. Just makes me want to do my best to be more positive in the future regarding this topic, I’ll try to spread the love as much as I can.