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Trump: Let Russia, China or ‘Napoleon Bonaparte’ protect Kurds by noscreamattheend in worldnews

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I'm still imaging Napoleon rising from the dead to command and half a million zombies from the Grande Armée who then all descend on Turkey and Northern Syria to defend Kurdish positions and repel the Turks.

—Beginning: Washington DC—

“Let Napoleon defend the Kurds, that was a good one Donald.” Sitting in the Oval Office, Donald Trump couldn’t help but smile at himself. Ribbing European politicians had always been an way to get some happiness, and lately finding any kind of enjoyment was in very short supply. Me. Trump knew that turning on any news channel would be drowning in impeachment inquiry conversation, which he had no stomach for at night. He hardly even had the stomach to talk about Syria and the Kurds, he had a good conversation with Erdogan, wasn’t that enough for the people? Maybe even save a few American lives? So what if some back water people die in the process, isn’t our safety the ultimate goal?

Pondering these thoughts while looking out onto the lawn, a hurried knock came at the door. “Busy” Trump replied, why didn’t they call first? Another knock at the door, this time my forceful. Before Trump could even reply the door opened. One of the generals from the US Navy came in. “Mr. President I know you are busy but some of our cruisers in the Mediterranean are picking up significant seismic activity, chatter from other nations seem to be confirming the same thing.”

Trump looked confused at this news, “You mean the Russians figured out how to read minds?”

The general looked at him confusingly, “Mr. President, I mean seismic not physic. Seismic has to do with vibrations in the earth. We haven’t detected any significant natural movements or any note of a missile launch, it seems to be something else. Parts of Europe, from France to Russia, and even possibly areas in Syria and Egypt are seeing major activity just below surface level, too shallow for plate tectonics.”

“Soooo, what are you getting at?”

“Mr. President, we think something is trying to break ground.”

--The Awakening: Paris, France--

It was 5:30 in the morning and Jean had just finished up his janitorial duties for the night. Cleaning and maintaining the Les Invalides had started off as a fair enough job but after 30 years of the same nightly shifts Jean had been counting down the days till retirement. He knew his pension would be meager but getting away from the daily exposure of the opulence of what Victorian France was something he yearned for.

Setting his mop bucket to the side he sat down he sat down on a bench that was under the statue of Napoleon's gaze. This was one of the few places in the entire building he still enjoyed. Getting out his customary baguette and jam he stared up at the statue and began eating. He heard over the radio French news talking about the most recent spat between the US President and President Macron. While he cared little for politics trying to jest about anyone while using the name of the great Napoleon brought some anger to his throat, boisterous US president knew very well how to push buttons, and he figured this situation was no different.

Sun had begun to seep into the courtyard where Jean ate. A ray out light now sat in between Jean's bench and the statue, as he was wiping off his mouth, he thought he heard a scratching of some kind. Some sort of scratching that was below him. While it wasn't his duty to take care of the tombs he knew that no should be down there right now, did someone by chance get locked down in the crypts?

Before he could put away his morning snack a crack began to appear in the floor directly where the sun was showing. Rubbing his eyes frantically Jean was hoping he was seeing something, he could feel a slight tremor of vibration and now clung onto the bench for stability.

Suddenly the cracked in the floor began to expand and ran nearly all the way to Jean's feet, a small scream had begun to rise in his throat, "Am I about to be buried alive?" He thought in panicked waves. Then, the whole middle of the room gave way and collapsed into the crypt, his mop begun slowly began roll forward and fell into the abyss, then, everything stopped.

Despite what happened next, and everything that happened afterwards, Jean would never tell a soul.

What felt like an hour was deathly silent, when out of nowhere a bony hand reached out of the caved-in crypt. The scream that had been sitting in his throat was now paralyzed there. "Could this even be happening? I had to have fallen asleep on the bench, this is just a nightma-" Before the last word could even come to him, a full skeleton pulled itself out of the crypt. Knowing that most of the bodies laid there are at least a 100 years old, the skeleton looked utterly recognizable to him. Tattered remnants of what must had been a soldiers uniform loosely clung to the skeletal frame, on top of his head was a bicorne in very sad shape, where had Jean seen one of those before? The solider took one disinterested look at Jean and began to move towards the front door, never looking back.

10/15 Update: I plan to update this throughout the day, so bear with me :).

--Nowhere to Go: Northern Syria--

Trump only imposed sanctions on Turkey after advisers explained to him the obvious consequences of letting them invade Syria, report says by ManiaforBeatles in worldnews

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It's because Trump made a short-term decision to protect his private property in Turkey with no understanding of the geopolitical ramifications.

Nothing new. Republican voters are enabling this.

Monkeys strapped into metal harnesses while cats and dogs left bleeding and dying at 'German laboratory' by nipponbaseball in worldnews

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We breed, raise, and kill hundreds of billions of animals every single year, with the majority of them kept in awful conditions; especially in heavily industrialized countries that have trended towards the more efficient factory farming model.

Animal abuse tends to be thought of as an individual thing - some dickhead kicking a puppy for shits and giggles, for example - but such examples are dwarfed by this kind of systematic issue.

It remains legal, since the laws which dictate normal animal cruelty make exceptions for farm animals and any other industry big and profitable enough. These thinking, feeling, suffering animals are reduced to nothing but objects and commodities - food or entertainment or test subjects - bred to make a profit for the company that owns them. And sometimes the most profitable way of doing things isn't what's best for their welfare. If there's a country whose animal cruelty laws do hold industries up to the same standard as regular citizens, I don't know of it.

Animal cruelty is widespread, and inevitable, under such a system. We just don't legally recognize it as such, and because it happens behind closed doors, almost everyone ignores it, and even financially supports it by choosing to buy the resulting products even when they don't have to.

For more info, I suggest watching Dominion or Earthlings - both documentaries cover these sorts of systematic animal welfare issues, and are free and legal to watch at those links.

IDF reservists have called on Israel to provide military and humanitarian support to the Kurds in Syria following Turkey’s attack in the north of the war-torn country. “We, as Israelis and Jews, must not stand by when we see another nation abandoned by its allies and left defenseless,” by Ramy_ in worldnews

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Tbh it's often good to give honest credit to people we disagree with. It helps to avoid identity politics when when can praise people for the good they did and critique them for the bad regardless of ideology.

Even if you can only find one thing to commend him for...

‘Fight with Hong Kong’: 130,000 gather to urge US to pass human rights act to monitor city’s autonomy, organisers say by vannybros in worldnews

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This is hypocritical and evil.

China is giving these violent rioting "protesters" in Hong Kong more freedom than any Western government gives its people.

The UK literally banned environmental protests in London:


And arrests people participating in "unlawful protests".

Yet nobody cares. There is no international condemnation. The US government isn't being urged to pass a human rights act to monitor London's autonomy, etc.

Or look at the Yellow Vests in France that have not shown up on the frontpage of this sub for a long time even though being far more serious and important and far more oppressed.

The West objectively and verifiably gives people less freedom than China gives its citizens yet this kind of anti-China protest is happening in the West.

Why the FUCK would you want external force to "help the people of HK"? First of all: Why the fuck should any external force help rioting assholes in Hong Kong? Secondly: The riots in HK don't represent the people of Hong Kong. They are a tiny minority of Hong Kongers and are promoting American values that 90% of China disagree with. It's absolutely disgusting that you are advocating for the enforcement of Western ideology on innocent people.

Completely fucked up.

Monkeys strapped into metal harnesses while cats and dogs left bleeding and dying at 'German laboratory' by nipponbaseball in worldnews

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I just threw up. I’ve seen horrific shit all over; but this got me. My heart hurts.

This will go unjustified. Each of those workers deserves hell. They’re lucky their names aren’t public, I have hatred so deep right now I’d be in jail for life of I was around one of those lab workers.

If I’m wrong, hit me up.


A lot of people are seemingly telling me since I’m not vegan I have no right to be upset over these animals being tortured. Wild. May I direct you to /r/gatekeeping?

Monkeys strapped into metal harnesses while cats and dogs left bleeding and dying at 'German laboratory' by nipponbaseball in worldnews

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I totally agree with your anger. Realistically though, the companies are more to blame and nothing changes unless we target them. They are not paying for real research - they're paying for favorable results (true or not), and the workers at these sorts of facilities clearly understand that they must get those results at any cost or they will be replaced as easily as one of these animals. It wasn't any internal or even governmental measure that got this information out there - which means the company, and quite possibly the officials in charge of oversight for these companies, are fully complicit. What it took was an activist "breaking the law" to bring this to our attention and force the government to act - so even those laws contribute to the problem.

If I met one of these workers on the street, my emotion about them is the same as yours, but that is like attacking the person standing on the street corner selling meth to your kids - they absolutely are a problem and deserve to be attacked, but even if you kill them there will be a new dealer on that street in a week. They are a relatively tiny part of the problem compared to the ones who made the meth and recruited that person. Or I guess a better analogy would be an executioner for a fascist government who has killed a lot of people - we definitely need to remove that person, but if it wasn't them it would have been someone else and those executions still would go on unless we destroy the ones giving him the orders.

CIA spy whose cover was blown by Bush administration warns Trump over chilling effect of outing whistleblower: Valerie Plame said her "heart goes out" to the CIA operative who raised concerns about a phone call between Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart by maxwellhill in worldnews

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Valerie Plame was a member of the"deep state" Trump fears so deep;y. So was I. The "deep state" are those people dedicated to serving the nation and its people, not the political ambitions of our "leaders". I was not a spy, simply a trade analyst. But like Ms. Plame, I sacrificed time away from my family, home, and nation to do my job, occasionally in areas in which I was in jeopardy. The reason Trump is worried about the "deep state" is that their focus is on providing accurate information to make reasoned decisions, not dirt for political advantage or ignoring pertinent information to bolster a political position. The one thing I agree with Trump on is that the "deep state" is a danger to his policies and politics of disruption. And thank God for that!

Rupert Murdoch Is Fighting To Keep His Fraying Empire Behind Trump And Boris Johnson by iamnotinterested2 in worldnews

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my Aunt called 9/11

Your aunt called a terror strike and national disaster? Wouldn't it have been simpler to just call 911?

Homemade Bomb Detonated for First Time in Hong Kong Protests by adeveloper2 in worldnews

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HONG KONG — A homemade bomb was detonated in Hong Kong on Sunday amid violent protests, the police said on Monday, indicating an escalation in the street-level arms race between police officers and the protesters.

The device was hidden in a bush and was triggered by a mobile phone as a police vehicle passed nearby in the Mong Kok district of Kowloon, Suryanto Chin-chiu, a superintendent of the Hong Kong police’s explosives disposal unit, said at a news conference.

The bomb caused no damage or injuries, but it was the first time such a device had been employed in weeks of clashes, the police said.

Once armed only with umbrellas to protect against rain and perhaps tear gas, the demonstrators have more recently brandished bricks and sidewalk paving stones, as well as knives and gasoline bombs.

The improvised bomb used Sunday, however, was far more complicated in design than a gasoline bomb, and required a higher degree of skill to manufacture. Improvised bombs, often called IEDs, have been used by insurgents in such places as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria, but how lethal such weapons are depends in good part on the type and quantity of explosives used.

It was unclear what type of explosive charge was in the bomb on Sunday; the answer would determine how serious any escalation of violence could be.

Tang Ping-keung, a deputy police commissioner, said at the same news conference that the force believed the device was intended to injure police officers.

“These people doing violent acts are not protesters. They are indeed rioters and criminals that are destroying our rule of law,” Mr. Tang said. “Whatever causes they claim they are fighting for can never justify such triad-like behavior,” he added, referring to organized crime groups.

Images of the device showed a red plastic bag, wires, a battery, a Nokia mobile phone and what appears to be a circuit board of the kind typically used by hobbyists.

As the demonstrations have turned increasingly violent, the Chinese authorities have labeled some of the protesters’ actions “close to terrorism.” Officials in Beijing have warned that the military could intervene in the protests, leaving Hong Kong to wonder what line would have to be crossed to draw such a response.

In another indication of the rising violence, an officer was stabbed in the neck by a demonstrator on Sunday. The police said on Monday that veins in the officer’s neck had been severed, and that he had undergone surgery and was in serious condition.

The police, too, have stepped up the firepower they have employed since the demonstrations began in June.

Protesters have deplored the officers’ use of pepper spray and tear gas as excessive since the early days of the protests, but this month an 18-year-old high school student was shot in the chest by a police officer — the first time a demonstrator had been struck with a live round. The teenager survived.

The police have also deployed trucks that fire a powerful stream of dyed water, capable of pushing back crowds and making demonstrators visible later to officers.

The police arrested 201 people, between the ages of 14 and 62, over the weekend, they said. The Hospital Authority said that 79 people sought medical attention on Sunday. The police said 12 officers were injured over the weekend, including the officer who was stabbed.

The protests began 19 weeks ago over a contentious bill that would have allowed for the extradition of people in Hong Kong to mainland China for trial. Hong Kong, a semiautonomous territory, has its own judicial system, and residents have additional rights.

The bill has since been shelved, but the protests have continued. Demonstrators’ demands have increased to include an investigation of the police and universal suffrage.

UK refuses to join France, Germany and Netherlands in halting arms sales to Turkey by aarong9224 in worldnews

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The UK conservatives have been doing the same thing for Saudi Arabia and its invasion of Yemen for years.

Whereas this is undoubtedly true, I'm a bit torn by the fact that I'm very quick to chastise American's who seek to excuse their foreign policy by blaming it on one political party.

The rest of the world doesn't usually differentiate between parties and just sees it as part of the more homogenous American foreign policy. I think it's incumbent on us too therefore, to acknowledge that until they change their position, this is also a British government policy and therefore representative of the British position. We might not like it, but we can't give ourselves a pass out by saying/ implying that the opposition parties are against this, and therefore we don't have to take some sort of ownership of it as a society. It's done in the name of our government I'm afraid

Ex-Trump aide Fiona Hill will testify that she strenuously objected to the removal of former ambassador to Ukraine, Marie Yovanovitch, but that her input was disregarded by noscreamattheend in worldnews

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Hill will also reportedly testify that she strenuously objected to the removal of former ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch, but that her input was disregarded, according to The New York Times.

Note that this is all about the original conspiracy to rig the 2020 election, long before the Zelenskyy call. It turned entirely on the removal of this ambassador, which Trump personally ordered. Compared to the direct extortion of Zelenskyy that Trump ultimately had to resort to, this conspiracy was far more convoluted:

  • Dmitriy FIRTASH, a pro-Russia oligarch whose fortune comes from Ukrainian gas, is fighting extradition to the US from Vienna, and finances Lev PARNAS, presumably in hopes of the US dropping extradition.

  • PARNAS pays GIULIANI at least half a million dollars for influence over TRUMP administration, with the goal of pressuring the Ukrainian gas company Naftogaz to remove the CEO and board so that it can make corrupt deals that benefit PARNAS and TRUMP allies.

  • TRUMP gets PERRY to pressure Naftogaz to make these changes.

  • In return for the risk entailed by facilitating influence peddling, TRUMP needs his own deliverable, which is investigations into Biden and 2016, which can be provided by corrupt Ukrainian Prosecutor Yuriy LUTSENKO, with whom PARNAS has inroads.

  • LUTSENKO wants YOVANOVICH fired because she is railing against the justice system he oversees for corruption. To make this more complicated, PARNAS and GIULIANI independently want YOVANOVICH fired because her anti-corruption efforts threaten their efforts with Naftogaz.

  • PARNAS is the bagman for coordinating with LUTSENKO.

  • LUTSENKO fabricates investigations, fabricates dirt on Yovanovich that GIULIANI gives to POMPEO to justify TRUMP removing YOVANOVICH.

Then Zelenskyy wins on an anti-corruption platform, fires Lutsenko, the entire conspiracy falls apart, and Trump resorts to simply directly extorting the President of Ukraine himself on the infamous July 25th phone call. Fittingly, even in this call Trump still alludes to the original conspiracy, for which PARNAS is now indicted and Giuliani is under investigation, by bringing up Yovanovich and saying "she's going to go through some things".

Trump thought Turkey was bluffing and would never actually invade Syria, report says by viva_la_vinyl in worldnews

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Daze: Incoherent offensive ramblings make your opponent lose their train of thought for 1 round. Will save.

Charm: Saying "you're the best" makes feeble-minded opponents align with the caster for 1h. Wisdom save.

Intimidate: Bully an opponent into submission as long as they remain in your presence. Wisdom save.

Unique abilities:

McD & Diet Coke: Strong stomach lining allows player to quickly devour nearly any garbage or rotten food for health.

Agent Orange: Player automatically turns invisible in any environment that is orange. Can be dispelled by a successful spot check.

Art of The Deal: Bartering is 50% less effective but 3% of any transacted amount automatically ends up in your inventory as gold.

Offensive attacks:

Handshake Duel: Melee attack. Target must make a strength save or take 2D4 crushing damage.

Bone Spurs: Ranged attack. 1D4 piercing damage.

Grope: Melee attack. 1D6 pinching damage + 1D4 unblockable psychic damage.

Trump says he will soon impose sanctions on Turkey by bambooboomboom in worldnews

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“Americans will not be allowed to eat turkey for Thanksgiving this year. It will obliterate Turkey’s economy!”

-Donald Trump (probably)