What is this channel? by godman180 in nonmurdermysteries

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It looks to me like he's making an automated backup of his hard drives but it ain't gonna matter. That channel is going to be closed from copyright strikes probably by the end of the day with all those shows being uploaded.

[Politics] Blues Players look on awkwardly as Donald Trump rambles about Impeachment during their White House Visit by Austin63867 in hockey

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Yeah, and it doesn't matter. There is a time and a place for that sort of thing and it definitely is not while you are honoring the Stanley Cup Champions.

[Politics] Blues Players look on awkwardly as Donald Trump rambles about Impeachment during their White House Visit by Austin63867 in hockey

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Trump did the same thing when he gave a speech for the Boy Scouts.. he just made it entirely about himself and started ranting about politics.

LF high school romance animes by yesnononowww in anime

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Ok so you know the English title is "Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions" at this point I assume. I call it by the original title only because that's what everybody else around here does lol. This is the best watch order and it is all streamable on hi-dive/VRV but I'll add additonal information at the end:

Season 1 - Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions

Season 1 OVA - Slapstick Noel/Glimmering Explosive Festival (just one episode with 2 different names)

Season 2 - Love, Chunibyo and Other Delusions ~Heart Throb~

Movie that finishes the plot - Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusions! Take on Me

OK now if you still care... Also in between season 1 and 2 was a movie called the "Rika version". It's completely skippable. It's basically just a condensed version of season 1. With a 90 minute runtime the only new plot developments are in like, the last 2 minutes and they are not really relevant so yeah you can skip it. There were also a million "lite episodes" that have zero plot relevance but are still fun to watch but I don't think they are available for streaming anywhere so you'd need to sail the high seas.


Does anyone else really miss Snap? by sopping_wet_cunt in xboxone

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Well, they removed it because it slowed down the console considerably. The slowdown affected everybody even though Snap wasn't used by many.

Thank for disrupting my game play guys. by Lyrikalshyne in Steep

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I think he is accusing people of lag-switching or some other cheat.

Space games with actual space mechanics by danyoff in patientgamers

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Landing my ship on the Sun Station was one of the most thrilling moments I have ever experienced in a video game. I felt like I was in a movie.

If chests have equal drops then please explain... by AlanWest45 in Smite

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As far as I know, the only chests with equal drops are the ones advertised as such. So 99% of chests still use the old system.

MEGATHREAD: 2019 XFL Draft by sirfiddlesticks in xfl

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Might have to choose the Roughnecks as my team for picking my dude Andre Williams.

Blizzard Cancels Overwatch Launch Event In Wake Of Protests - IGN by KinkyQuesadilla in entertainment

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With a lot of Chinese industry, you can only get in with a Chinese sponsor basically. So Tencent may only have 5% but with that small amount can still basically determine their entire fate in China.

Mobile Games are using AI to determine your spending Potential by trueBehemoth in MMORPG

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Facebook started giving me ads one day for a specific university I had no obvious connection too. I had a therapist appointment later that week and on her desk was a branded mug from that university - her alma mater.

I also started receiving tons of "people you may know" things that same week with no mutual friends who I am almost positive were her other clients.

LF high school romance animes by yesnononowww in anime

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Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai

O Maidens In Your Savage Season


Game Thread: Detroit Lions (2-1-1) at Green Bay Packers (4-1) by nfl_gamethread in nfl

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They'll quietly release a one paragraph statement acknowledging two officiating errors and then remind everybody that ref discipline is not made public AKA they won't do shit.