Ah yes, because this won't be confusing in any way by GrosstenZweihander in CrappyDesign

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Suppose one was to just assume they weren't inversely colour coded...

Mini-Wheat by GrosstenZweihander in comedyheaven

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Heck this blew up when I wasn't looking. I feel obliged to credit to u/MrsObamaGetDown69 who originially posted this abomination on r/historymemes. Definitely belongs here instead

Like Faces of Meth but for endless trash and Wisconsin diets by Chief-Queef in RedLetterMedia

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Who is the most beautiful?

2010 Mike?

2019 Jay?

Rich Evans from any year?

The efforts of the Russians themselves during Napoleon's invasion are overlooked by GrosstenZweihander in HistoryMemes

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To retreat as efficiently and as orderly as they did with minimal chaos requries a huge amount of meticulous planning and supurb discipline. This was only made more challenging by the heavy resistance of many leading generals who saw it as highly dishonourable

Yep....all it took was a couple of centuries and a massive fire by xombie99 in HistoryMemes

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It didn't take a couple of centuries it took 4 years. And I assume this massive fire you refer to is the great fire of London, which killed off The great plague of London rather than the black plague and happened over 300 years later. How could a fire in 1 city kill off a Europe wide pandemic?I appreciate that you tried but Google exists for a reason and I suggest you use it

by Splat1221 in Memes_Of_The_Dank

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Those masks are not from the medieval period. Sorry for being a dick but its true

This cant be by _shrooooood_ in Memes_Of_The_Dank

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pointing out how good and creative the actual creator of this meme doesn't deserve upvotes. Especially when this exact same post gets made about 8 times a day

I like them spices by VaaArt in dankmemes

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Chillies: *become grown and cultivated extensively as a result

I see this as an absolute win!

blue by ParaBox_ in dankmemes

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Serves no purpose, ah yes, just like the inclusion of "nobody" in this meme

Anno 1800 kennt keinen Humor by [deleted] in de

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Ich weiss nicht wenn mein Name verbotten ist...