I have never seen someone explain this perfectly by -reddittidder- in funny

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"Its a joke video about sexualities I dont like so its propaganda"

Weed stops me from mentally breaking down. by LateNightLogoTV in trees

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Man totaly get you, weed really helps you shut off and relax after very stressfull day.

Whole city is dry for months now and I have 8am-6pm days in uni currently, havent had chance to smoke and relax in long while and certainly feeling myself get more tired and stressed without such breaks

[Discussion] [Help] Boy I broke up with showed up to my apartment and my dog tried to eat him. This happened thirty minutes ago. by DogsWithLogs in dogs

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Someome went into your home without your permission and was "attacked" by your dog and while I am not a lawyer I am 99% sure the law is on your side and nothing will happen to your dog.

What breed is your dog ? Unless its something like a Thai Bangkaew (my parents have 1) this is not normal or acceptible behavior, if your dog attacks people who break into your house thats fine, but if he does it while you are present thats not good.

Try to find a dog behaviour specialist to help train your dog to react more calm of a stranger enters your home while you are present, some barking is fine, but your dog shouldnt just try to maul people.

Still, give your dog some pats he did a good job hunting down that creep in this case hahaha

saw these today @the mall bangkapi by chickyono in Thailand

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Imagine having so little humor that you get upset about a joke item

Officer Earl is gonna get his ass by nuthanielz in rareinsults

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I dont like the guy, I mean I respect the guy he went to a cannibal tribe in amazon just so he can get high on frog poision and in general tries a lot of shit, he is pretty badass ngl.

But when he voices shit over you can clearly tell he tries to speak as deep as possible, which just makes him sound stupid, it must be on purpose since hes voice is pretty normal if its not voiced over, but god damn every time that comes im like wtf and can focus on nothing but hes stupid voice

Still he pretty badass

Just got 1st place with build based on savages. AMA by M1QN in underlords

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2 star higher tier units are much better than 3star lower tier units if you also gain alliances for it.

I know it can hurt to kick that 3star unit out, but sometimes its worth it

Pro-gov Turkish media hail execution of Syrian Kurdish politician as 'success' by rieslingatkos in worldnews

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any reliable source of that ? the Offical report says that she was dragged out of a car, unarmed and executed on the street like an animal.

Just got 1st place with build based on savages. AMA by M1QN in underlords

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Uhm while its great that you are having fun playing the game, thats a warrior build with just savages on the side and 7 warriors.

Just some advice, you can remove 1 warrior from that comp without losing your aliance so you should either get rid of Axe since he sucks or if you really dont want to remove him get tiny out for a beastmaster, while you are at it enchantres is dogshit even at tier 3, kick her out and get another hunter, if you can medusa, gives you hunter for more dps + scaled + brawny even if that wouldnt have been to usefull seeing as both of last people are assasins so not much magic dmg

At that point you are at 3 savages so you can get rid of lone druid as well since neither of hes aliances matter and without enchantres he is unlikely to get to 3*, now you put witch doctor in and now you have extra dps on your troll +troll ace alliance

Rng rant by Smileyx8512 in underlords

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While the game is very much dependent on your skill, sometimes the rng is just so much against you it wont work.

Thought if you look at pro player they counter this really well by not locking their build until late midgame and keeping so many options open for them, thought honestly thats just way beyond me.

Pro-gov Turkish media hail execution of Syrian Kurdish politician as 'success' by rieslingatkos in worldnews

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Even if she was in a terrorist group, shooting an unarmed person in public is not right, its not a succes its a human rights violation and a war crime.

Puppies’ Adoption Drive. Please support this and adopt a dog, rather than buy one. Get your forever friend tomorrow! by LeafSamurai in malaysia

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Adopting a dog is great, not just for the dog but for you as well, a dog makes an awsome companion and a friend you will never forget.

But if you want to adopt a dog, remember that they require a lot of work and commitment.

A dog also gets old, 13-15 years is quite avarage for most breeds and some can get even a little older, so before you adopt (which is great) ask yourself these questions

  1. Do I have the time to spend 1-2 hours a day just providing for the dog and if not can I share the workload with someone else reliable ?

  2. Am I willing to even spend all that time ? I love my dogs that stay with my parents but on some days you just feel exhausted and tired, which is why I have cats now, a dog needs to go out at least twice a day, better if 3 times.

  3. Is my life stable enough ? That goes more to young people maybe you are still a university student, if thats the case you really need to think about this, your life just started and much is going to change, at this point your future is impossible to predict, possible a future where you just cant take care of your dog anymore.

A dog having to live its life in a shelter is horrible, but a dog living in a household that doesnt take care of him is the worst.

Less Than 24 Hours After Saying 'Time to Bring 'Em Home,' Trump Orders 1,800 US Troops to Saudi Arabia: "Remember when Donald Trump tweeted that he was 'trying to end the endless wars?' That was yesterday." by maxwellhill in worldnews

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Not a single republican in the comments that I assume supports trumps says "Trump is doing the right thing", instead they are saying dems are hypocrites for being against the US abondoning the people they fought against ISIS with to be massacred by turkey, but now not wanting to send troops to a country that fucks the US backwards and is a dictatorship lol.

Or "OBAMA ALSO SENT TROOPS TO MIDDLE EAST EVEN MORR" well yeah thats true, that was not a great thing to do in my opinion, but obama never claimed to pull out of middle east.

It must feel horrible not agreeing with the actions of your beloved president, but you are so much in love with him even when he does shit like this you cant be critical of him.

Truely sad,

My Speculations in anticipation of the Big Update (info/guesses about each potential hero + more) by dotahaven_MrNiceGuy in underlords

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I really hope they are adding some units not found from data mining, trolls seriously need 1 or maybe 2 more units

Trump defends diplomat's wife involved in car crash that killed British teenager: 'It happens' - Comments come as president turns down Boris Johnson request to waive diplomatic immunity by darkdeeds6 in worldnews

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He is still declining to remove her immunity after she fleet the scene and abused her immunity to leave the country. Having an accident is one thing, fleeing to another country a different

Trump reportedly offered to sell F-35 jets to Turkey in exchange for not attacking Kurdish forces in Syria by smellslike__updog in politics

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The Su-35 is at best a decend air to air combat jet which cant compete with an f-22, while having no usage for land missions like the f-35.

Thats not considering how much more advanced the f-35 is, they spend over 1.5 trillion usd on developing it, the US can never even just risk russia or China getting their hands on an f-35, and with the current position Turkey is its not unlikely that if they get f-35's russia will also get acces to them.

Make the west trad again ! by vaCew in insanepeoplefacebook

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While I agree that communisim isnt an option (socalist democracy I have a different opinion) if some college kid wants to dream about Soviet America let them, its a free country and you can belive in any shit you want as long as you dont infringe on other peoples rights

Make the west trad again ! by vaCew in insanepeoplefacebook

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It was posted on T_ D so the odds arent bad that he did

Make the west trad again ! by vaCew in insanepeoplefacebook

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Just the great and unmatched wisdom of some insane republicans

Cat mancave with his anime waifu by vaCew in cats

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Yes i know right ? Cutest cat there is